A secure scan helps keep you secure.

You need a secure scan to know you, your network and your secrets are secure.

Did you know 60% of small businesses suffered some form of cyber attack in 2016? That’s because their security was too weak. Bring in Cameron Park Computer Services to run a Secure Scan before its too late.

Here are the benefits we create for you.

  1. We scan and kill malware that compromises your secrets and productivity.
  2. We update mission-critical software to help protect you.
  3. We test your backup solution to make sure it really works.
  4. We test Internet speed to make sure you are getting the speed your ISP is promising you.
  5. We scan your wireless network for any rogue devices.

If something is wrong, these tests reveal the culprit. You have to know you, your network and your secrets are secure The Secure Scan is on sale at $99/computer with a three computer minimum. Rest assured, your secrets are safe with us. Offer expires February 28, 2018. Do not delay. Call today.

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Maybe we are crying WOLF!

Chances are you have some malware, are running out-of-date software or have unknown devices lurking on your network. What secrets are you inadvertently sending to Russia, China or North Korea?

With a Secure Scan, we scan for malware, verify updates, test backups, test Internet speed and scan your WIFI for unknown devices. You have to know you are protected. We’re living in 2017.

Maybe we’re just crying WOLF! That could be. We see malware and ransomware every week. We usually kill them within 10 minutes and before they impact operations. Sometimes malware and ransomware do affect business. People call us. We go onsite and kill them (the malware and ransomware, that is). However, the client could have been proactive and called us first. Do not wait. Be proactive. You’re running a business.