What does a cyber attack look like?

Learn how a simple forged email can lead to a massive data breach and damage your reputation. You contribute to the cyber attack. The more information you share online, the more information you share with a cyber attacker. Social media, corporate filings, family info…what you share is out there.

How does this happen?

A cyber attacker starts by researching you. What information have you shared online, in social media or with the government. Then the cyber attacker slowly but surely assumes your identity.

The cyber attacker feels no shame. She is doing her job and she does it well. Someone paid her to assume your identity and steal your trade secrets. “Not a bad job,” she feels.

She is neutral and desensitized. She does what it takes to earn an income. She is not the only one. Other cyber attackers have the same skills and put them to work. Sometimes they are desensitized, like the woman in this video. Sometimes they have a political agenda or personal vendetta. You do not know who is accumulating information on you and preparing an attack.

What do you do?

Check out this video and see how easy it is for a cyber attacker to steal your identity. Realistic? You bet your identity it is. Call us to help you improve your cyber security before its too late.

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