Cameron Park Computer Services is Your Trusted IT Solutions Partner

We have been in this business 26 years. Despite all the changes, some things stay the same. Business owners like you want everything to work efficiently, they want new ways to improve efficiency and they want to keep their trade secrets secure. Scroll down to see how we can help…

If you are reading this, your network is probably not working right. You’ve come to the right place. We make network systems work for you. We’ve been in the computer network business since 1992. Read on…

Run your business in the Cloud and save money. Working with you, we plan, implement and complete Cloud migrations. We work with you to make sure your Cloud migration is successful. You save money. Life becomes easier. Read on…

Strengthen your cybersecurity before you become another victim. We review all your policies, systems and standard operating procedures. We find where your cybersecurity is weak and you are vulnerable. Read on…

How can we help you today?

Your computer network works for you, right? It should. It is fast, stable and secure. You are successful. Your company is growing.


Your network does not work for you. Systems break down regularly. You spend precious time troubleshooting your network when you should spend that time growing your business and serving your clients. Your network is slow, unstable and unreliable. Direct reports feel they cannot do their jobs with your current system. You are losing money. How are you supposed to grow your business when this is happening? You do not know where to turn.

Which scenario applies to you? Most of our new business comes from business owners who have incurred too much pain and “just want things to work right.”

Call (530) 677-8864 today. Your computer network will work for you. It will be fast, stable and secure. You become more successful. Your company grows. This is what we do. We’ve been doing this since 1992.

Your network works right. Right? If you are here, you are probably incurring some pain. Your network systems are too slow. They are unstable. They are unreliable. You do not know where to turn. This is usually the condition of networks we inherit. We make network systems work for you. We’ve been in the computer network business since 1992.

You can do a network self-assessment. Ask your staff, “How are things working for you today?” Watch their responses.

  1. Hesitation. If they hesitate for more than five seconds before responding, you may have a problem.
  2. Profanity. If their response includes some profanity, you may have a problem.
  3. Problems. If they recite a list of network problems that never get solved, you may have a problem.

Check out our networking success stories.

Will the Cloud work for you? Everybody wants to be in the Cloud. We help you determine what apps and data should reside in the Cloud and what you should keep local. We plan, implement and complete your Cloud migrations. Working with you, we make sure the security, costs and reliability meet your requirements.

When you run your business in the Cloud, you focus on your business. You think about your prospects, your clients, and your staff. Turn your attention toward better marketing, increased revenue and better work-life balance. Stop thinking about local data backups, failing servers and increasing support costs. You are running a business. Embracing the Cloud and migrating there smoothly can make or break your business.

Check out our Cloud success stories.

Protect yourself and your company from scammers. We find places where your cybersecurity is weak by design, or just lacking. We help you improve your cybersecurity before you become another victim. Working with you, we review all your policies, systems and standard operating procedures.

As a Rich American, you are highly attractive to the hackers. “Rich American? Not me,” you may say. If you have corporate income greater than $1,000,000/year, you are a Rich American. You are the target. We make hacking you too difficult and time consuming for the hackers. They will find other Rich Americans who are not as well protected, and exploit them. Let someone else get exploited. You’re running a business.

We have cybersecurity certifications from CompTIA, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and WatchGuard. Call (530) 677-8864 today.

Succeed or Fail – Your Decision

Successful businesses embrace new technology. They view it as a tool to help them make more money and spend less. They embrace the Cloud and buy new technologies before the old ones fail. Successful businesses follow advice from their computer network consultant. These are not the reasons they are successful. These are merely traits we see at successful businesses.

We see this at our seven-figure and eight-figure clients. They meet with vendors. They review trade journals. Successful business owners actively seek our advice. They realize growing the business involves embracing new technologies to help them run the business more efficiently. They also realize you have to spend money to make money.

Struggling businesses do not think this way. They think technology is a cost center. They try to minimize spending as drastically (recklessly) as possible. Usually they buy new computers only when they fail and cause harm to the business. They have cheap and low-quality Internet access. Therefore, they have a minimal embrace of the Cloud. They are not loyal to one computer network consultant. They take advice from anyone with a homemade business card.

Suppose someone walked into your office and said, “You should spend $10,000 today. You will make $14,000 as a direct result.” Would you:

  1. Yell, “Yes! Where do I sign?”
  2. Tell him, “We’ve always done it this way. We use what we know.”
  3. Tell him, “I do not know. Come back next month.”

Successful businesses embrace new technology. If you want to be successful, do what the successful do. Your decision.

Our Mission

Cameron Park Computer Services helps you grow your business. We deploy and support servers, network devices, Cloud services, apps, workstations and other technologies to help you grow your business, meet compliance mandates and get more productivity from your staff.

Cameron Park Computer Services provides advice on which technologies are good investments and which are not. We act as your trusted business partner. Working with you, we evaluate what you should use in your quest to increase profits and what may end up proving to be a waste of money. We are running a business too.

Our President has been in this business since 1992. This experience plus professional certifications from Microsoft, Dell, Intel, CompTIA and WatchGuard help us deploy modern technologies that help you grow your business. ROI is part of every major decision for our business and your business.