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What is “the Cloud”?

Different people have different definitions of the Cloud. Computer nerds like me have multiple sources where we can find definitions. I usually tell people the Cloud refers to offsite storage of your applications and data. Here is a definition that I feel captures the essence of the Cloud while not committing information overload. Dave Nielsen, one of the founders of CloudCamp has the following pithy definition that helps remove the mystery surrounding the Cloud and articulates it in ways that anyone can understand.

Under Dave’s definition, the Cloud is OSSM, meaning that Cloud Computing is a computing resource that is:

In testing the acronym with a bunch of people – both from a technology and a non-technology background, the response has been the same across the board. People really connect with the definition and, most importantly, see it as something understandable and non-threatening. That’s a good thing for all of us, after all the Cloud truly is awesome, OSSM helps people understand that.

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