Cyber Security


Hackers are targeting you and your data. Hackers attack daily. Most hacker attacks are not news headlines anymore. Hackers continue to gain access to valuable data and personal information daily. They target both private companies and government agencies. The good news is, most companies have begun to take security seriously. Therefore, ... Read More
internet domain name


Manage your Internet Domains before they get hijacked. Last week, a business owner walked up to me and said, “I think I need your help. Someone called me and offered me my Internet domains for $5,000. I am not receiving any e-mail and the web site you visit while trying to ... Read More
December 30, 2016Mark Anthony Germanos


Phishing…yes or no?   This morning, I received a rather suspicious e-mail allegedly from This looked like an order confirmation for a TV someone purchased and shipped to Alabama. Upon inspection, I learned this was a phishing attempt. I deleted the fraudulent message. I want to show how to identify a phishing ... Read More
September 2, 2016Mark Anthony Germanos
RFID wallet


Reduce interest-based ads’ effectiveness. Anybody out there tired of online ads that pull you away from your work? Same here. Online marketers track your web surfing habits. They then use that information to create interest-based ads they feel will appeal to you. I am showing two ads that appeal to me, ... Read More


Understanding passwords. The stronger your passwords, the more work an identity thief has to do to break them. A strong password is a password that: Has lowercase letters. Has uppercase letters. Has numbers, and Has special characters. We ... Read More