Oct 15

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Sacramento SEO Pro warns: Watch what you say online

SEO sometimes works too well. A woman was fired from her job after posting racial comments on Facebook, that our President should be assassinated. This is one more example of how you must be careful when you write something on the World Wide Web. You never know who will read it and you never know what the repercussions could be.

How many people out there think social media is a place where you are free to say whatever is on your mind? It really isn’t that type of place. Rather, social media is a place where you declare whatever you want the world to know. People talk about their lovers, jobs and money online. You should assume that information is shared with everybody. If you share something controversial, you may incur the fallout. If you say something illegal, you may end up in jail. My source is at:

Cold Stone Creamery employee fired after wishing Obama dead on Facebook (via Raw Story )

A Turlock, California woman was fired from her job this week after publishing a racial slur to her Facebook account and wishing for President Barack Obama’s assassination. The Cold Stone Creamery company said it spent much of Wednesday coping with the social media fallout from the comment, which…

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