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Sacramento social media tip: Why you have to manage your image

Sacramento social media tip: take a look at your last 10 Facebook posts

If a vast majority are personal, you’re in good shape. If a vast majority are promotional, you may be pushing too hard and losing Facebook Friends. When I give speeches, I have a slide with four pictures of me. I introduce this saying: “Even though you are promoting your career and your professional image, you also need to prove you have a life.” This slide has pictures of me holding my bicycle, giving a speech and presenting a feature on my smart phone.

People connect with people. My friends say that most of your messages have to be of a personal nature. Even though they vary on the ratio of personal to promotional, a vast majority should be personal. These personal messages could include posts such as:

  • I just swam 1,000 yards without sweating
  • It’s 102 outside. I just ran barefoot across my deck to give the mailman an icecold Gatorade.
  • Enjoying Freedom Fries at (a local celebrity restaurant) and feeling very patriotic
  • If your website is old and stale, it needs a makeover
  • ‎5 mile run today. 5 mile run yesterday. The difference: 3 minutes faster today.

The only one of these five with a promotional message is the “website” post. It is actually a link to a YouTube video of the same title. The other four are personal. This strategy helps me connect with people. Some are friends, some are neighbors, some are professional acquaintances. If I were pushing promotional messages exclusively, my Facebook Friends would view this as being too pushy and unfriend me.

Take a look at your last 10 Facebook posts. If a vast majority are personal, you’re in good shape. If a vast majority are promotional, you may be pushing too hard and losing Facebook Friends. I refer this to your wisdom.

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