Dec 24

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Sacramento SEO company announces new packages for 2013

Sacramento SEO company announces new packages for small business owners to attract more business

Your Sacramento SEO company announces new packagesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cameron Park, CA. Social Media Director Mark Anthony Germanos today announced a bundle of new packages designed to help small business owners get more customers. is a division of Cameron Park Computer Services. YourSEOWizard uses web tools to help your ideal customers find you. YourSEOWizard is a premier Sacramento SEO company. The new packages are as follows:

See Me

The See Me package includes a wireframe and a 5-page WordPress beginner web site and blog. A wireframe is a graphical outline of a web site. It shows how pages link to each other. The See Me package includes one year domain registration, e-mail and hosting ($120 value). YourSEOWizard, the premier Sacramento SEO company, will work with you to:

  1. Identify your competitors.
  2. Identify key phrases your ideal customers use when looking for someone who provides the goods and services you offer.
  3. Create professional pages at LinkedIn and Facebook, and create links to these from the blog.

With the See Me package, you can go from no Internet presence at all to a presence you can promote on brochures, business cards and signage. It is a good, first step for business owners who want to attract more business from the Internet.

Listen to Me 2000/4000/6000

The Listen To Me packages create sufficient content for web sites, blogs, articles, press releases and videos. staff interviews you, records the interview and transcribes the recordings. This content is then returned as a Microsoft Word document. Staff edits this to make it blog-friendly. This is used as a client Declaration of Expertise. Staff blogs this content at least four times per week.  This is a strategy that helps your Sacramento SEO company attract more business to you. Listen To Me is available in 2000 word, 4,000 word and 6,000 word packages.

I Want It Now

The I Want It Now package is for clients who want quick results. The I Want It Now package has a page 1 guarantee. The client will appear on page 1 for at least one of their targeted key phrases before being asked to pay. The I Want It Now package includes placing an entry in an Iframe on a partner web site. This partner has servers and domains which have been on the Internet for at least 12 years. Clients choosing I Want It Now leverage the SEO friendliness of these servers. A public web site must be in production before engaging I Want It Now.

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