Aug 10

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Hello! Keywords DO matter, says SEO Pro

Your SEO strategy includes keywords, a description and a title

The keyword tag is part of your SEO strategy

One of my competitors blogged that: “the META keyword tag used to be incredibly important in the SEO process but it is now ignored by Google, Yahoo and Bing only reads it for penalization purposes.” Overlooking the poor sentence structure, I feel this advice is 100% wrong. Keywords are very important in your page optimization. They go hand in hand with your title and description tags. Here’s why.

A person looking for someone who provides the goods and services you offer will type keywords in a search window. They will find you if your keywords are consistent with what they type. They will find your competitors if your keywords do not match what they types. For example, suppose you are a San Francisco-based image consultant. You can promote yourself as a San Francisco image consultant. You can use the keyword (or key phrase) San Francisco image consultant in your web site’s META Keyword tag. This will help your page appear prominently when someone searches for San Francisco image consultant. I’ve seen this work with loose grammar. Someone can also search for image consultant in San Francisco and still find you.

The title tag is part of your SEO strategy

Since I mentioned the title and description tags, I should mention those here. The title tag contains the text that appears first when your page appears in a search results window. The title tag also appears at the top when you do a print preview or when you print. This tag is important. Search engines look in the title tag and use that as part of the equation when presenting search results. The title tag for Southwest Airlines’ web site at is “Southwest Airlines | Book Flights, Airline Tickets, Airfare.” That is no accident. That appears when appears in your search results window and at the top of the page when you print.

I’m sure you’ve seen some pages that present “default.htm” at the top.  Sadly, the webmaster did not bother adding any verbiage in the title tag. That is highly embarrassing. However, we all have to start learning somewhere.  We are all at different places on the learning curve. I hope that is not the case with your site. If it is, go into the code and enter title tags on all your pages.

The description tag is part of your SEO strategy

The description tag appears after the title when your page appears in search results. If you perform a search and get Southwest Airlines’ home page in your search results, you will see the title, underlined, and then the description of “Southwest has the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals.” That additional text can pull someone to you or can encourage someone to scroll further down the page.

You need a three pronged approach for your on page Search Engine Optimization. Keywords, titles and descriptions work hand in hand and are all important.

Who wrote this? Sacramento SEO Pro wrote this

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