Apr 06

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Five reasons to take a Facebook vacation

Facebook vacation time

Spring has arrived. We are finally able to go outside and enjoy the great warm-weather activities. Spring is the season to reduce time spent staring at the computer. Making this transition will be easier if you take a Facebook vacation.

When I say, Facebook vacation, I mean you should intentionally avoid Facebook for a given timespan. I am proposing seven days. A Facebook vacation can work for your benefit. Here’s how:

  1. Other things should take a higher priority. How many of us wake up, get dressed, go to the computer, launch a web browser and visit every morning? I have caught myself doing that. Is the flow of new Facebook posts really that important? You don’t know what you will find on Facebook, but this seems to pre-empt most other activities for some people. You can remove Facebook from this morning routine. Find something else to do. I walk the dog.
  2. Time-intensive. Facebook Corporation says one Billion people login to Facebook at least every other day and stay there for at least 30 minutes. On the low end, this puts the average user at 90 minutes/week, minimum. Facebook is not the only tool you have to get news or see what your friends are doing. You can get news elsewhere.
  3. You really can do it. According to Pew internet Research, 61% of current Facebook users say that at one time or another in the past they have voluntarily taken a “Facebook vacation.” Folks who intentionally skipped Facebook say their “Facebook vacation” was a result of being too busy with other demands or not having time to spend on the site. Some basically lost interest. Some cited an absence of compelling content. Some grew tired of their friends’ excessive gossip or “drama.” Others said they just were trying to wean off the “Facebook drug.”
  4. Other online services have become more attractive. Over the past year, Pinterest rose to prominence. Pinterest caters to folks who are visual in nature. They enjoy posting and viewing pictures online. LinkedIn has changed its templates and become more eye-appealing. LinkedIn reached 200 Million members in 2013Q1. This is up from 64 Million in 2010Q1. Facebook may be the big player with over one Billion active users, but that user base is finding other services.
  5. People need your attention more than the computer. If you have a spouse or kids living with you, they probably compete for your free time. They compete against your job, your hobbies and unfortunately, social media. You can take a vacation from Facebook or social media in general and spend time with the ones you love. Yes, you can do it.


You do not need Facebook to survive. Other services can provide valuable content. Other activities and people need your attention. Take a Facebook vacation and grant other parts of your life more attention.

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