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Anybody want a disaster?

Disaster recovery is something you need

Hurricane Sandy created a disaster for millions

Hurricane Sandy created a disaster for millions

Who wants to incur a fire, flood or theft that knocks you out of business? Nobody. Good. Who has a Business Continuity Plan? YUou would use one to resuscitate your business if a disaster struck  Oh boy…

Disasters happen

Airplanes landed in New York City. A hurricane and levee failures flooded New Orleans. Fires closed downtown San Diego. Floods closed Nashville. Hurricane Sandy (right) went to New York. Here in the Sierra Nevada foothills, folks worry about fires sweeping down the hill or dam breaks that would flood Sacramento County. You need a Business Continuity Plan that will help you recover.

We will work with you to build this Business Continuity Plan. This will include backing up your data offsite and showing how you can recover the data. This will help you restart your business at an alternate location. Yes. Cameron Park Secure Backup and Cameron Park Business in the Cloud are tools you should use to help you recover.

The hours and days after a disaster strikes are very important. The quicker you can get back up and running, the greater your chances of survival. The longer you wait and the more data you cannot recover, the lower your chances of survival.

Bring us in today to perform a Business Continuity test. If you haven’t had one performed lately, you may be in for a big surprise. Sometimes you need an outsider to perform this test. He can objectively recommend solutions that you need to do.

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