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Network Support

Your network works right. Right? If you are here, you are probably incurring some pain. Your network systems are too slow, unstable and unreliable. Your users are not productive. You do not know where to turn. This is usually the condition of networks we inherit. We make network systems work for you. We’ve been in the computer network business since 1992.

We understand that technology decisions are really managerial decisions. Everybody wants a positive ROI. This applies in all solutions we propose. We are running a business too.

The current project hourly rate is $140/hour.

Secure Backup

What would happen if your users accidentally overwrote crucial files, your server crashed or worse, somebody stole your server? You would probably go out of business. We make sure your mission-critical data is backed up offsite. You can restore it in case of emergency.

Secure Backup includes software and support for scheduled data backups to the Cloud. It sends daily notifications of successful, failed and missed backups. You’re running a business. You should expect someone to actively monitor your backups.

This is not the cheapest Cloud backup service out there. You’re running a business. Do not go for the cheapest backup option. Monthly pricing is $2/GB or $70/100 GB (break-even point occurs at 35 GB). $10/month minimum applies.

Secure Exchange

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your e-mail available in Microsoft Outlook, a web browser and on your smartphone? That is what you get with Secure Exchange. We’re living in 2017. Your competitors probably already have these luxuries.

Secure Exchange includes hosted Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, Outlook, webmail, iPhone/iPad access, Droid access, Public Folders, archiving and support.

Monthly pricing is $20/month/mailbox. $200/month minimum applies.

Secure Business in the Cloud

Want to make life easier? Use Secure Backup and Secure Exchange together as a bundle.

You get your e-mail available in Microsoft Outlook, a web browser and on your smartphone? You can relax because your mission-critical data is backed up offsite. You can restore it in case of emergency. We’re living in 2017. Your competitors probably already have these luxuries. You should too.

Monthly pricing is $25/month/workstation. $250/month minimum applies.

Email Archive

Email is the lifeblood of your business, but it’s also a significant source of risk. Intellectual property loss, compliance violations, audits and lawsuits are facts of life, but they don’t have to cost you dearly. Email Archive automatically preserves every sent and received message and attachment so they are always available, but can’t be altered or deleted. Email Archive is $4/user. See for more but hurry. Ingestion is free only until 12/31/2017!

Stay Safe Online Training

Did you know 60% of small businesses suffered some form of cyber attack in 2016? That’s because users were too gullible. They received a phishing attack e-mail, clicked a link and provided valuable information.

Stay Safe Online Training would have saved these companies thousands in ransomware payouts. We start by sending test phishing e-mails. This helps us determine your users’ susceptibility. We then implement self-paced and computer-based training to show users how convincing phishing e-mails can appear. Your users become smarter and more street smart. You, your company and your secrets become more secure.

Pricing starts at $17.25/user/year.

Secure Scan

How secure your network? Chances are you have some malware, are running out-of-date software or have unknown devices lurking on your network. What secrets are you inadvertently sending to Russia, China or North Korea?

With a Secure Scan, we scan for malware, verify updates, test backups, test Internet speed and scan your WIFI for unknown devices. You have to know you are protected. We’re living in 2017.

This service costs $140/workstation. For a limited time, we are charging $99/workstation, for new clients only.

Worry-Free Email with Cloud Drive

With 30 GB storage, secure document sync and online editors, Worry-Free Email with Cloud Drive is your trusted business-class solution. You keep your files safe and secure in the cloud. Stop fooling around with local backups to USB drives. You’re running a business. It’s 2017. Business-class solutions are available at attractive prices. Worry-Free Email with Cloud Drive is $4/user.

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The first step in solving a problem that has baffled you…is to contact someone who has solved similar problems elsewhere. We’ve been in this business since 1992. Call (530) 677-8864 or complete this short form. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Chances are you’ve been perusing this website for a few minutes. What is your pain point? Are you spending too much time trying to keep computers working? Systems unstable? Are you losing business because your competition is writing cheaper bids?

It is not too late. You can get someone to troubleshoot your systems. Find someone to get your systems stable. Get someone to deploy new solutions, including the Cloud, to help you become more competitive. You will make more money. Why wait? Call today.

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