Reduce Your Chances of Identity Theft: Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Online Identity

Your cybersecurity is as strong as your weakest link

Internet thieves want to steal your online identity. Attackers steal and sell credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial data, trade secrets and passwords online, thus putting you at risk for a lawsuit. Your company’s security is as strong as its weakest link…your employees. You won’t know you’re a victim until its too late. That’s why you and your employees need to reduce your chances of identity theft now. You need this security awareness training.

Phishing attacks are more convincing than ever. Are your people able to identify a phishing attack and delete it immediately? Would they enter valuable information at a website without knowing if it was legit or part of a phishing attack? Do they know what “phishing” is?

In this highly interactive Reduce Your Chances of Identity Theft workshop, your people learn:

  • How to vet links with the hover technique.
  • The mechanisms of a successful phishing attack.
  • How to identify phishing attacks (with an interactive phishing quiz).
  • How to manage passwords.
  • Why your company should use Two Factor Authentication.
  • How to protect files by encrypting hard drives.
  • How to use information from this 90-minute workshop to protect your company.

Audience participation is expected. We’re talking about protecting your online identity, not mine. This is for any company who uses email, stores valuable data or grants employees Internet access.

How to Sign Up (Which Session is the Right Size for Your Company)?

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  • Reduce Your Chances of Identity Theft (Light)
    • 20-minute workshop with a 10-minute Q&A session.
    • pro bono.
  • Reduce Your Chances of Identity Theft (Silver)
    • 60- 90 minute workshop.
    • $650 for up to 10 students.
  • Reduce Your Chances of Identity Theft (Gold)
    • 60- 90 minute workshop.
    • $4,000 for up to 100 students.

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