How to send a large file

Have you ever wanted to send a large file? Today, I will show how to send a large file over the Internet. Files that are less than 10 MB can usually travel as e-mail attachments. If you try sending a large file (larger than 10 MB), you will get...unpredictable results. That's ... Read More
April 18, 2017Mark Anthony Germanos
A network support professional will keep your network working while you run your business


You have secure data. How secure is it? Your workday may be done. However, thousands of people can access your secure data all night long. Outsiders and insiders both are a risk. Some of history's worst attacks were conducted by insiders. To maintain access control and secure your data, you have ... Read More
April 13, 2017Mark Anthony Germanos
Outsource your network management


Network security is an investment. Network security is not cheap. You already knew that. Individual solutions are becoming more costly. Inexpensive open source alternatives struggle to keep up. Compliance and quality assurance costs are rising annually. The total cost of cyber crime is reaching unprecedented levels, averaging $15 Million per year ... Read More
Cyber Security


Hackers are targeting you and your data. Hackers attack daily. Most hacker attacks are not news headlines anymore. Hackers continue to gain access to valuable data and personal information daily. They target both private companies and government agencies. The good news is, most companies have begun to take security seriously. Therefore, ... Read More


You need a disaster recovery plan. Who wants to incur a fire, flood or theft that knocks you out of business? Nobody. Good. Who has a disaster recovery plan? You would use one to resuscitate your business if a disaster struck. Disasters happen. Airplanes landed in New York City. A hurricane and levee ... Read More
February 26, 2017Mark Anthony Germanos
Failing battery


Do not waste money on a replacement battery. Yes. You read that right. I am advocating that you do not replace a failed cell phone battery. A failing battery is the first and usually most visible sign that your phone is failing. You should replace the complete phone. A story for you.... Read More
February 19, 2017Mark Anthony Germanos
1000 feet of Ethernet cable


You need to hire professional contractors. You need something done right, on time, the first time. Go shopping. You can find a professional or find someone who says he can do the work and "can give you a discount" before you start talking price. Should you hire him? I would say, no. ... Read More
January 9, 2017Mark Anthony Germanos
Privacy Policy


Do you even have a privacy policy? No policy? While rewriting this website, I reviewed this website’s privacy policy. What? No policy? Seems I wrote and published this website before publishing online privacy policies became commonplace. I published a new one for mine and am encouraging you to write one for ... Read More
November 2, 2016Mark Anthony Germanos


If you see your password here, you better change it. When we choose passwords, most prefer easy to remember words. We're all guilty of doing that at least once. A client used her husband’s name, a woman who used her favorite baseball team and a man chose“12345” as his standard password. I kid ... Read More
August 11, 2016Mark Anthony Germanos


Understanding passwords. The stronger your passwords, the more work an identity thief has to do to break them. A strong password is a password that: Has lowercase letters. Has uppercase letters. Has numbers, and Has special characters. We ... Read More