Sep 26

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Why should your SEO campaign identify your ideal customer?

Your SEO campaign should identify your ideal customer

Your SEO campaign should identify your ideal customer

I’ve been asking people to define their ideal customer as part of their SEO campaign. Maybe you already have an ideal customer and you enjoy working with this person. Maybe you have some people you like for various reasons and know that if you could fuse them together, the result would be your ideal customer.

The ideal customer should have some traits that make you enjoy working with them. They respect and take your advice. They understand how you and your services help make their lives easier. They pay on time. Maybe your ideal customer has not found you yet. I am challenging you to create the image in your head of your ideal customer.

What does the ideal customer look like? What is their profession? Education? Income? Family status? Favorite President? Favorite leisure activity. The more you focus on and crystallize your definition of your ideal customer, the greater the chances that one day, they will walk in your door. You will know your ideal customer when you see them. All you have to do is create the image and wait for their arrival.

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