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Three reasons to Unfriend someone

Review your Facebook Friends

You might want to Unfriend someone

You might want to Unfriend someone

When you go online and log in to Facebook, review the people who appear in your News Feed. You can easily find people that have something in common with you. They will post items you find interesting.  Facebook calls these connections Friends. The more Facebook Friends you have, the more people will appear in your News Feed. Conversely, the more will read your posts. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to Unfriend someone. Unfriending will help remove people from your News feed that post content you do not find useful. I will present three situations where you might want to Unfriend someone.

“Unfriend” is a real word?

Yes. In fact, “Unfriend” was New Oxford American Dictionary‘s word of the year in 2009. New Oxford defines Unfriend as, “remove (someone) from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking site.”

Suppose you have accumulated 2,000 Friends on Facebook. You might wake up one day and decide to break some of these connections. You decide to remove connections (Unfriend) some people. Sometimes, “Unfriending” becomes necessary. Here are my criteria when deciding to Unfriend someone:

  1. The person has nothing in common with me. I live in California, run a small business and race triathlons. Someone who lives in Swahili, works for the government and plays rugby will probably have very little in common with me. Why should I remain connected to this person? This is someone I would probably Unfriend.
  2. The person seldom has original thought. Some people like reposting infographics. I’m sure you have seen some of these. They have a caption within a generic picture. One that I see every January has a picture of an old man and a baby. The caption reads, “Happy New Year 20**.” Has anyone out there never seen an old man and baby picture in early January? These have lost their impact. They surely are not original. Someone who reposts these and other infographics does not show original thought. I am picky. I unfriend these folks.
  3. Lack of valuable content. I see people reposting articles without asking if the message is exhausted. How many times have we seen messages that our President was not born in the United States? I have stopped counting. Reposting these does not benefit anyone. The story is exhausted. It has been proven untrue. Reposting this and other exhausted items has no benefit.

Unfriending is your right

If you are new to social media, enjoy. Look for people that have something in common with you. After you have accumulated thousands of connections, you may find yourself looking to purge some of them. That is OK. It is your right to Unfriend someone.


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