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Why you should under promise and over deliver, according to WordPress website Pro

WordPress website Pro says you should under promise and over deliver to your ideal customers

When I say: “under promise and over deliver,” I am referring to the act of providing your customer more than he requested and you are under contract to provide. The cost to you is minimal. The customer will appreciate the extra service. Your WordPress website Pro offers these examples.

  1. Suppose you get hired to paint a customer’s house. Sure, you can paint it and get paid, but you could also under promise and over deliver if you re caulk some windows that have dry caulking. The customer will notice you re caulked those windows and feel appreciated. He will also tell his friends about your high quality of work.
  2. Suppose you go to the local donut shop, buy a dozen donuts and find 13 donuts in the box. The baker promised you 12 donuts, but gave you one extra. You will probably remember this the next time you want a box of donuts.
  3. Suppose you need a new computer. I recently ordered a computer for a customer and quoted her a fixed price. I found that I could increase the memory (RAM) at minimal cost to me. I ordered the additional memory and told the customer the additional memory would not increase her cost. She is jumping for joy and I am looking like a hero.

Under promise and over deliver is a two-way street. I recently installed a new workstation for a customer. This customer uses my business partner for their printing and scanning support. We called this business partner and asked him to install the print/scan software on the new workstation. He refused. I almost fell out of the chair when he refused to visit the office and install this software.

I did the task. It was outside my scope of work, but I did it because I felt the customer needed it done. This gave me a chance to look like a hero. I under promised on my work and over delivered. This print/scan software install was not something I was under contract to do…it was something I chose to do for the customer’s benefit. My business partner missed this opportunity to look like a hero. His image, in the eyes of our mutual customer, is hereby tarnished.

Next time a customer asks you to do something that is outside of your commitment, ask if you want to do it. The extra time and energy you put into this project could be a very big deal to the customer and make you look like a hero. Under promise and over deliver is something I and many of my successful friends do. You should do it too.

Who wrote this? WordPress website Pro wrote this

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