Nov 06

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Businesses Warned Against Social Media Gold Rush Fever

Social media gold rush fever

In response to… Businesses Warned Against Social Media Gold Rush Fever: Word of Mouth Experts Caution Social Networking Should Not be Primary Method for Reaching Customers.

Part of this Gold Rush is the expectation that social media will help you attract prospects, inform them of your product and then close the sale. That works for simple packages like books, shampoo and restaurant coupons.It does not work when you have something that cannot be packaged as easily as a book.

Yes, GM announced it was stopping its Facebook advertising two days before the Facebook IPO. They learned that people apparently don’t want to buy cars from a web browser. How can you create a driving experience, replicate the new car smell or demonstrate the 0-60 speed through a mouse and keyboard? GM learned a hard lesson. They should have dome some smaller testing before spending $4M on their Facebook ads.

For whatever product or service you are selling, make sure you can pull retain customers through the sales funnel and have a realistic call to action. Some products are sellable online while others will require face time. Social media can create miracles, but it is not a one size fits all solution.

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