Mar 08

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SEO company shows the difference between and .com

Your SEO campaign manager must know the difference between and

Your SEO campaign manager must know the difference between and

A client recently responded to a newsletter and asked an SEO question: “What is the difference between and Which one should I use”? Here are my thoughts.


Both and let you create a weblog (blog). You can format your blog pages manually or choose from a wide menu of themes. You add entries to your blog as their own pages. You can then tweak the title, description and keywords to match your SEO campaign. People can subscribe to your blog and receive notifications every time you or someone adds content to the blog. You manage your blog from a dashboard that lets you add widgets, change formatting or tweak SEO options. My blogs have a plug in that determines if an iPhone or Droid is accessing the blog and reformats all the pages to work in a smart phone browser. Smart phones outsell desktop computers and notebook computers, combined. You need a blog and/or web site that will work on a smart phone. Both and are available at no extra cost. Your domain host may charge a fee for the service.

is an organization that publishes the WordPress blogging engine.  The folks at WordPress report at  “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.” You can use the blogging engine on your domain, provided the company you hired to host your domain supports The company hosting presented as an available add-on. I installed it within 30 seconds. I have several blogs. Some of the most active are at and

is actually the same organization but with, the folks at WordPress will host your blog for you. They report at  “We wanted to bring the WordPress experience to a larger audience. So we created, a hosted version of the open source package where you can start a blog in seconds without any technical knowledge.” The hosting is free. I have a blog at

Having a blog at your domain is a better idea. It looks more professional to share your domain name and blog address (e.g. than it does to reveal a free blog hosted somewhere else (e.g. On the SEO front, you will gain more credibility in Google’s eyes when you promote your own domain. You’re running a business here and striving for better placement in the search engine rankings.  You’re probably not promoting the domain.

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