Apr 22

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Sacramento SEO company announces engagement with Real Estate Advisory Services

Sacramento SEO Company and Real Estate Advisory Services engage for Sacramento SEO Silver package

Sacramento SEO news for immediate release

Cameron Park Computer Services President Mark Anthony Germanos announced the engagement between Cameron Park Computer Services and Real Estate Advisory Services (R.E.A.S.). R.E.A.S. is a premier Sacramento real estate brokerage. R.E.A.S. helps caregivers reach owner/operator status of assisted living facilities. Rick Dwyer is the Principal of R.E.A.S. He has over 50 years’ experience in the real estate industry. He is a Broker, Developer and Consultant of Real Estate. Rick started his career in 1961. He sold single family homes for the Williams, Bowker & Ward Company. In 1963 he started as a real estate sales person for Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate. They had offices in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Sacramento SEO Silver creates a 6,000 word manifesto

“With 50 years’ experience in real estate, R.E.A.S. was looking at online marketing to capture more business. They found Cameron Park Computer. They contracted for the Sacramento SEO Silver package,” said Germanos. Sacramento SEO Silver involves generating a 6,000 word manifesto explaining:

  • What a company does
  • How it is different from its competitors, and
  • Why a customer should do business with them.

This content is then used in blogs, articles and other marketing materials. Sacramento SEO Silver takes time to develop. It generates long-standing results. It is unaffected by Google’s PANDA update. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves using Internet tools to help your ideal customers find you.

Creating an online presence that gets you on page 1 is not an easy task. It takes work. Results take time to accrue. Good things do take time. R.E.A.S. can be reached at (916) 601-1418 and Cameron Park Computer Services can be reached at (530) 677-8864 and

Who wrote this? Sacramento SEO Wizard wrote this

Mark Anthony Germanos uses Internet tools to help your ideal customers find you. Mark is the Social Media Director at They are the premier Sacramento SEO company. offers SEO, Internet marketing and social media solutions that get you on page 1. Getting you on page 1 takes a little time. Good things do take time.

“Yes yes yes,” you may say, “there are a lot of Internet marketing guys out there. How do I know SEM, SEO and social media will get me on page 1”?’s Sacramento SEO Pro Gold package includes creating a 6,000 word document. This provides abundant content for a successful SEO campaign. Sacramento SEO Gold will not produce instant gratification, but Sacramento SEO Gold works. It gets people on page 1 and creates long-term benefits.

Running a successful business isn’t as easy as it used to be. The margin of error is smaller. Contract out your SEM, SEO and social media campaigns to someone you can hold accountable and who gets results. Call (916) 752-6767 today. Google “Sacramento SEO” or “Sacramento SEO Pro” to see SEO strategies that can work for you. Mark is available at (916) 752-6767 and at

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    Sacramento SEO Silver takes time to develop, but generates long-standing results and is unaffected by Google’s PANDA update

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