Sep 24

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Sacramento SEO company shows how to choose the right keywords

Sacramento SEO company shows how to choose the right keywords

You need to choose the right keywords to attract your ideal customers to your web site or blog. I will show an example of how to do that right and how to do that wrong. This helps my Sacramento SEO company attract its ideal customers.

How to choose the right keywords

Daphne has a dance studio. Daphne offers jazz, swing and waltz dance classes. Her studio is in Cameron Park, California and Daphne knows sign language. Daphne updates her web site and blog with the keywords “dance instruction, jazz, swing, waltz, dance instruction Cameron Park, sign language.” Daphne puts these keywords in her web site’s META keywords tag and also in her online marketing campaigns.

Daphne is pretty comfortable with these keywords. She shows these to a friend who runs a Sacramento SEO company. He likes them too. He sees these keywords repeatedly in her web site. These are keywords appropriate to the business she runs. These are keywords in her social media profiles. She also feels her ideal customer will type at least one of these keywords in a Google search window. She wants to attract dance students in Cameron Park who want to learn jazz, swing or waltz. She has a niche in her sign language proficiency and wants the world to know that she can accommodate deaf students. Sure enough, the phone starts ringing and web site traffic increases 300%.

Daphne’s campaign will work well. Daphne’s keywords match the service she is selling and the services her target market wants to buy.

How to choose the wrong keywords

Leah runs a home daycare service. She wants to attract parents with preschool age kids but at the same time need to go to work. She lets parents drop off their kids starting at 6:30 AM and lets parents pick up their kids as late as 6:30 PM. Leah has all the necessary certifications and licensing from her city. Leah decides to market her services online.

Leah promotes these keywords: “Facebook IPO, Obama, Brad Pitt.” She waits for the phone to ring. She checks her web page traffic and sees that almost nobody visits and when someone does visit, they leave within 30 seconds. She feels sad, because she chose popular keywords. Her friend who runs a Sacramento SEO company says she did this campaign wrong. Her keywords have nothing to do with her business. When people find her online advertising and visit her page, they find a page that has nothing to do with the link. Remember, they clicked a link for “Obama” and wound up at a home daycare center. No wonder they leave within 30 seconds. Poor fit. Over time, the search engines will assign Leah’s web site a lower ranking for these keywords because the content is not a good match.

Leah’s campaign will fail. She is trying to cheat Google by using popular keywords that have nothing to do with her site.

Who wrote this? Sacramento SEO company wrote this

Mark Anthony Germanos uses Internet tools to help your ideal customers find you. Mark is the Social Media Director at, the premier Sacramento SEO company. They offer SEO, Internet marketing and social media solutions that get you on page 1. Getting you on page 1 takes a little time. Good things do take time.

“Yes yes yes,” you may say, “there are a lot of Internet marketing guys out there. How do I know SEO, Internet marketing and  social media will get me more business”?’s Sacramento SEO Pro Gold package includes creating a 6,000 word document. It has abundant content for a successful SEO campaign. Sacramento SEO Pro Gold will not produce instant gratification. Sacramento SEO Pro Gold works, promotes you to page 1 and gets you more business.

Running a successful business isn’t as easy as it used to be. The margin of error is smaller. Contract out your SEO, Internet marketing and and social media campaigns to a Sacramento SEO company you can hold accountable. Tell him to get you more business. Call (916) 752-6767 today. Google “Sacramento SEO” or “Sacramento SEO Pro” to see SEO strategies that can work for you. Mark is available at (916) 752-6767 and at

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