Sep 14

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Protect your identity: Do not fall for the $300 fraud

You have to protect your identity online

I am presenting two stories to show why you have to protect your identity online.

Do not become a victim of identity theftIn the first instance, a client said she clicked a link. She received a popup containing an FBI warning, claiming that her computer had a virus on it. She received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. He said she had to go to a particular website and download an app that would kill the virus. She went to the website. Instead of killing the “virus,” this website installed a virus on her computer. Her passwords had been changed and the person on the other end requested $300 to get her computer working right.

In the second instance, a client was innocently surfing websites when he received an FBI warning that his computer had child porn. This warning contained an 800 number. He called an 800 number and claimed he did not have child porn. The person on the other end said he would have to pay $300 for an app that would remove the virus and keep the FBI away. He hung up the phone.

Luckily, I was able to visit quickly and help my clients avoid this atempted identity theft. My work was not free, but let me tell you, folks who fell victim to identity theft felt it was a long and painful ordeal. You have to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Even if that means paying your computer guy a few hundred dollars to clean up your computer.

Be street smart

Although some of the details change, some things are very, very important.

  • These people did not have a virus or child porn.
  • Someone asked for $300
  • Fortunately, my clients did not provide a credit card number or agree to pay that $300.

You have to be careful. Like walking around a new city, you never know what lurks around the next corner. Be very cautious when someone “notifies” you that you have a virus or child porn. Be cautious when they ask for money or a credit card number over the phone. They are trying to make you another identity theft victim. The FBI has more to say about the fastest growing crime in our country.

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