Dec 30

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Why is a LinkedIn best answer a big deal?

LinkedIn best answer

LinkedIn gives you a forum to establish expert status

LinkedIn gives you a forum to establish expert status

A fellow LinkedIn user recently awarded one my answers Best Answer status. He asked if people suspected a business slowdown during the holiday season. I wrote that YES, we can expect a slowdown. The question and answer appear in full at Linkedin.

Why is this a big deal?

LinkedIn’s Questions and Answers section gives you a chance to share your expertise. That’s part of the reason why folks go to LinkedIn’s Questions and Answers so often. I know folks who post more than 100 answers in a given week. They are basically looking for opportunities to establish expert status. They do that by writing intelligent answers to attractive questions.

I peruse the Small Business and Startups categories weekly. Some questions appeal to me and some don’t. When I find one that appeals to me, I write an intelligent response and establish expertise on that subject matter. Sometimes I get lucky. The question author awards my answer Good Answer status. An author can label many answers as “Good Answers.” The author can then label one of the “Good Answers” as a “Best Answer.” Only one answer can earn the “Best Answer” designation.

The website is very SEO friendly. LinkedIn’s website gets more traffic than mine. I can leverage LinkedIn’s SEO credibility to my advantage by posting there. You can too. Next time you have a few free minutes, visit LinkedIn and choose More > Answers. Look for a category that appeals to you.

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