Sep 12

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“Who is your favorite President”? SEO Pro shows why you should ask

SEO Pro asks: Who is your favorite President?

SEO Pro asks: Who is your favorite President?

Who is your favorite President?

After a recent presentation, the prospect told me I used the wrong President in one of my examples. I used an example of the John F Kennedy Library and their embrace of QR Codes and Twitter. This man told me I should have used an example with Ronald  Reagan, since he was Republican. That brings up a good point. You should find out the other person’s political leaning and do so in a nonintrusive manner. You should ask, in advance, who is your favorite President? Here’s why:

  • The United States Presidency is very visible. You can go online or turn on the TV and get Presidential politics every day. Even folks who live in Europe get a healthy dose of U.S. news and Presidential politics.
  • Asking for a favorite President lets the other person share their political views. People will say “ah yes, my favorite is Ronald Reagan because…and he….and he…. “ or “my favorite is Barack Obama because ….and he….and he….” They will talk endlessly about their favorite President. What they are really doing is sharing their political views. That information can become helpful when you tailor a presentation.
  • Asking helps open dialog. It gets you past the initial 60 seconds of awkwardness as you look for commonality with the other person. You can talk Presidents with more comfort than you can talk sex, politics or religion. It’s less intrusive.

Try this next time you prepare for a client meeting. Ask in advance….who is your favorite President? This info will help you understand him immensely.

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