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Mark Anthony Germanos uses WordPress websites and web tools to help you get more business. Mark is the Social Media Director at, the premier Sacramento SEO company. They offer SEO, website and social media solutions that get you on page 1. Getting you on page 1 takes a little time. Good things do take time. "Yes yes yes," you may say, "there are a lot of website guys out there. How do I know SEO, a WordPress website and social media will get me more business"?’s web tools menu includes creating a 6,000 word Declaration of Expertise. This Declaration has abundant content to get you on page 1. You will get more business. Running a successful business isn't as easy as it used to be. The margin of error is smaller. Contract out your marketing, WordPress website and social media campaigns to someone you can hold accountable. Tell him to get you more business. Call (916) 752-6767 today. Google “Sacramento SEO” or "Sacramento SEO Pro" to see how’s web tools can work for you. Mark is available at (916) 752-6767 and at

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Aug 18

Why should I use YouTube in my SEO campaign?

Large audience and small cost YouTube is a very powerful marketing tool. You should make YouTube part of your SEO marketing strategy because the audience is large and the cost is small. YouTube provides 4 Billion video views per day (see for background info). You can create a YouTube account at no cost. YouTube …

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Aug 16

Sacramento SEO Pro says blogging works

SEO solution: blogging My web site/blog at is part of my SEO strategy. It has seen more traffic in August than in all of July. That is more than June. That is more than May. That is more than April, etc, etc.. “How is Mark getting traffic”? The answer, my friends, is blogging. Blogging helps …

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Aug 12

Sacramento SEO Pro says your marketing efforts are cumulative

He needs SEO work Someone who attended one of my speeches three years ago recently called and asked me to do their SEO and social media. I collected his business card, among others, after the speech and connected with him via my newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn. This brings me to today’s topic: your marketing efforts …

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Aug 10

Hello! Keywords DO matter, says SEO Pro


The keyword tag is part of your SEO strategy One of my competitors blogged that: “the META keyword tag used to be incredibly important in the SEO process but it is now ignored by Google, Yahoo and Bing only reads it for penalization purposes.” Overlooking the poor sentence structure, I feel this advice is 100% …

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Aug 08

Sacramento SEO Pro asks: Has proofreading gone out of style?

Sacramento SEO Pro says you should proofread your work While reviewing an article on SEO, I stumbled on a sentence that began with “Initially, search engine optimization initial turned out to be a extremely maneuverable company exactly where webmasters…” I could not read beyond that because…I lost faith in the author. When you hire an …

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Aug 02

Sacramento SEO company reports: Why you need to understand Visits, Hits and Pages

SEO company advises you to understand how you measure traffic When reviewing your web site logs, you need to understand Visits, Hits and Pages. This understanding will give you an accurate picture of how much traffic a web page or web site in general, are attracting. My SEO company domain host is running Webalizer and logs Visits, …

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Jul 31

Sacramento SEO company shows why you need to use Google Alerts

Google Alerts help you protect your reputation

Sacramento SEO company shows Google alerts In this day and age, you need to monitor your reputation. You need to know when someone is saying something good about you, and more importantly, when someone is saying something bad about you. Your Sacramento SEO company has some good news. Google has a service that will let you …

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Jul 29

Sacramento SEO company announces engagement with Lakewood Villa

Sacramento SEO engagement Cameron Park Computer Services President Mark Anthony Germanos announced the engagement between Cameron Park Computer Services and Lakewood Villa. Lakewood Villa is a premier Sacramento Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). Lakewood Villa provides assisted living for seniors. Vixcent Villaluna purchased Lakewood Villa and made it a top-notch facility. Mr. Villaluna: …

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Jul 27

Why are LinkedIn headlines crucial? Sacramento SEO Pro helps answer…

Headlines Here’s a valuable SEO tip: LinkedIn allows for a 120 character headline. A 120 character headline will accommodate 15 words at eight characters each (not counting spaces). This is an extremely short amount of space. You need to take your 30-second (60 word) elevator pitch and condense it immensely to fit within LinkedIn’s 120 …

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Jul 23

Lakewood Villa hires for Sacramento SEO Silver Package

Sacramento SEO news flash Social Media Director Mark Anthony Germanos today announced the engagement between and Lakewood Villa. is a division of Cameron Park Computer Services. Lakewood Villa is a premier residential care facility They offer senior care and assisted living in Sacramento. Lakewood Villa owner Vixcent Villaluna said: “We are very …

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