Dec 23

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3 reasons why you need a great professional picture in your SEO campaign

Great SEO starts with a professional picture

Your SEO campaign starts with a great professional picture of yourself on Facebook. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You need a professional picture in your Facebook profile. Facebook holds a spot in the upper left-hand corner for a picture. When you create your profile, Facebook asks you to choose a file that will become your profile picture. This will appear whenever someone connects with you or views your profile. If you do not upload a picture, Facebook will present emptiness. You will look like you have not completed the profile setup.
  2. You need a professional picture in your Facebook page. Whether you’re running a company or nonprofit, promoting a product, service or cause, you will probably have a Facebook page for that item. Facebook will ask for a logo. You can upload a logo but you will also have opportunities to upload pictures of staff. It’s your campaign…you might as well have your face associated with it.
  3. People searching for you will need a picture. When I searched for Actress/Director Meg Ryan and found a few pages for her. They all have a picture showing Meg Ryan. If Meg did not have pictures of herself on these pages, I would have doubted they were for THE Meg Ryan. The same could happen to you. If you have a profile but have not uploaded a picture of yourself, people will not see you when they search for you in Facebook. They may find other people with your name and they may find your profile, but if you don’t have a picture, they will not know it is you.

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