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How to save money with preventative maintenance

How can you save money?

Maybe I should answer this with a story. My first client was a highly respected professor. He did not practice preventative maintenance and he did not save money in this episode. He bought a new Lexis and drove it 10,000 miles. One day, it wouldn’t start. He had it towed to the dealer. A serviceman called him a few hours later and asked “Sir, when was the last time you changed the oil”? He replied “WHAT”?

Yes, you guessed it. The professor neglected this simple maintenance task. He could have contracted out this task to a local shop that changes car oil. He didn’t and suffered the consequences.

I see the same thing happen with computers and networks. Business owners neglect updates and don’t read logs. When some catastrophe happens, they ask “how could this have been avoided? I’m trying to save money here.” They could have checked logs and probably found errors 2-3 weeks before the catastrophe struck.

I have some good news. You can contract out this task to your network manager. He knows where to look for errors and any brewing problems. He can usually find and fix them before they create a computer or network outage. He will also follow a checklist that helps set high standards and consistent implementation. Yes, you will have to pay for this, but the costs of preventative maintenance are far lower than what you would incur if you suffer a computer or network outage. You save money when you do preventative maintenance.

Here’s our offer. We perform a Quarterly Maintenance Checklist that verifies your software is up to date, reviews logs and finds ways to make your computers and networks run faster. You can get this for $99/workstation, that runs Windows 7 or Windows 8 as the operating system. We offer this to businesses with 3 or more computers and schedule four visits throughout the year.

I know you’re doing the math already. “How can I save money” you may say. $99 * 4 * (how many computers you have). Let me ask…what costs would you incur if you lost productivity due to a catastrophe? How much would it cost if your people walked into your office and said “we can’t get anything done today because the (computers/server/Internet) are not working”? You could have prevented that.

Let me restate the offer. For computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8, in offices with 3 or more computers, you get this workstation preventative maintenance for $99/workstation. Just schedule four visits within 12 months to enjoy this discount. Usual price is $120/hour.

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